Statement of principles of the Communist Workers’ Party (KTP)

Aims and purposes of the party Scientific socialism We live in a world of class struggle Capitalist camps hasten to carve up the world Our era is an age of transition from capitalism to socialism Considering the socialist construction experience

Marxist leninist communist party in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan: Support the people’s uprising in Turkey!

4 June 2013 /International Bureau / Statement No: 60   The spark which flared up at May 28 at the Taksim Square in Istanbul turned into a fire setting alight all Turkey. The signal rocket of Taksim was the start

Resolution of the following parties that took part in the european communist meeting

The Communist and Workers’ parties, which have signed this resolution, call on the workers to decisively resist the anti-people strategy of the European Union that as an inter-state imperialist union expresses the interests of the monopolies and the multi-nationals at