1-2 October 2012, Brussels


The following parties which participated in the European Communist Meeting, organized at the initiative of the KKE in Brussels, 1-2 of October 2012, have signed this resolution:

They denounce the imperialist intervention of the USA, NATO and the EU states in the internal affairs of Syria and stress that the solution to this country’s problems is a matter for its people.

They also denounce Israel’s threats for a military assault against Iran, and the economic and other measures which have been taken against these two countries (Syria and Iran) and the threats regarding a military intervention. These are being used by the imperialist powers with various false pretexts which they in any case used to prepare the wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

The communist and workers’ parties which have signed this resolution express their will to devote all their forces and to contribute to the prevention of a new imperialist war against Syria and Iran.

It has once again been demonstrated that the dangerous developments in the South-East Mediterranean and in the wider region are connected to the imperialist aggressiveness that is escalating in the conditions of the capitalist crisis and to the competition for the control of the markets and natural resources of the region.

The Communist and Workers’ parties stress that every new imperialist war will bring new torments for the peoples, will cause new waves of immigrants and refugees and will increase the dangers of a generalized war.

They call on the people of every country to decisively resist the aggressive plans and practices of the USA, NATO, the EU as well as of states and governments which participate in the preparation of the war against Syria and Iran.

Reality confirms that capitalism gives birth to imperialist wars and crises and the Communist and Workers’ parties call on the peoples to develop the anti-imperialist struggle with as its criteria the interests of the people and working class, until the economic, social, and political causes of imperialist wars are eradicated, and to strengthen the struggle for the overthrow of the forces which strike against the peoples and their interests.

So that the peoples live peacefully, creatively and utilise the natural resources to their own benefit and to satisfy their own needs.

No participation, no involvement in the imperialist wars. For the strengthening of the struggle for the disengagement of countries from NATO and for its dissolution!

No to the imperialist war!


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