Ktp won’t participate in demonstrations organized by the bourgeoisie against the people

The 16.7. meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia has activated a mixed group of people opposing the discussions to hold protests from 15th to 16th July in Helsinki. The biggest stir has been around the Helsinki Calling-protest.

The Helsinki Calling -protest has gotten the full support of the bourgeois media and it has been advertised daily for the past two weeks. No other demonstrations, such as the protests against the Finnish bourgeois government organized by the Joukkovoima-movement, have been even close to receiving the same amount of publicity. Discussion around them has even been silenced.

The core organizers of the Helsinki Calling -protest consist of rightists, russophobes, rainbow greenists, and the “new left.” In their public statement, the organizers talk of a demonstration where they “protest for the democratic rights of the civil society, human rights, the environment, climate protection, and peace.”

The words are nice, but the reality is very different. The protest is about opposing a new, contract-based world order and Russia. This new situation would seem to weaken the capital-controlled EU and question the existence of the NATO alliance.

The names within the list of organizers and speakers also show the protest’s true intentions. According to Ilona Taimela, the producer of the protest, included in the protest are various parties concerned with Russia, Ukraine, and the United States (the results of their presidential elections to be exact), a group called US Democrats Abroad, representatives of different minority groups, Syrian refugees, etc.

Speakers include, for instance, author, russophobe, and anticommunist Sofi Oksanen, an MEP banned from Russia, russophobe Heidi Hautala, and anticommunists opposing Russia from Georgia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

The leadership of SKP has stated that the party will take part in the protest and urges it’s members to do the same, much to the dismay of leftists and communists. The line that KTP maintains is that colluding with the bourgeoisie is unacceptable, especially in the year in which we remember and celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Finnish revolution and the start of the Finnish communist movement.

Communist Workers’ Party will not take part in demonstrations against peoples funded and organized by the bourgeoisie. That includes the Helsinki Calling -protest.

We propose to all of Finland’s democratic forces, peace organizations, and workers to hold a great joint protest on the UN day 24.10. Let our motto be – For friendship and peace between peoples – No to war, Yes to peace!

Ktp won’t participate in demonstrations organized by the bourgeoisie against the people


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