The Israeli aggression won’t shock the national steadfastness will


On the night of 4th  5th May 2013, sites in the countryside of Damascus,

the Syrian capital, had been targeted by the Zionist enemy, but obviously,

the main goal was to support the enemies of the homeland, which is

regressing in front of courageous Syrian Arab Army and to rise the morals

of the gangs members.


The criminal aggression of the Zionist enemy is another evidence to the

clear truth that the all kinds of the armed gangs are beast flocks carrying

out the will of the world gangs, imperialist, Zionists and their dirty

pimps including the kingdoms and sheikhdoms of gulf and Turkey the agent of



The experience of the past proves that the Syrian people is deep rooted

patriot and unifies in front of external imperialist aggression. No

compromise with the imperialists and their agents. No dialogue with the

homeland enemies who carry out the imperialist will.


In the great national battle, we confirm that our people will be steadfast

regardless the painful and big losses as the people of Vietnam, people of

Iraq and the Lebanese national resistance, these peoples who fought against

the huge imperialist war machine that so called non-defeating but it was

defeated because of the peoples resistance.


The victory is for the peoples’ will that confirm: It’s better to die upon

your feet than to live upon your knees! and the Syrian people is one of



We say with free people in our homeland and world: together we’ll win!

Syria won’t kneel down.


Damascus, May 5, 2013


The central Committee of Syrian Communist Party


General Secretary

Ammar Bagdache

Statement of the Syrian Communist Party


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